Trinity Anglican Church, Bradford

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Soul Survivors

First Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm – For those experiencing cancer or chronic illness, survivors and care-givers.

Each meeting is followed by a brief prayer service for health and healing for those who wish.

Contact: Rev. Dana Dickson or Gretchen Dewhirst


A Call Out to Soul Survivors by Patti Kergon

You hear the meetings being announced each month in church, but does the congregation really understand the importance of Soul Survivors?

Soul Survivors is a small group that meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the church. The group supports those experiencing cancer or chronic illness, survivors and care-givers.

Six years ago this week I was told that I had cancer. When you hear this news, your world stops for a moment, and a hundred questions come into your head. It is overwhelming.

At that time I was fairly new to the church, but had noticed the sign for Soul Survivors. A week after receiving my diagnosis I attended my first meeting, and it was the best decision that I could have ever made. The love and support that this group gave me, was the reason why I was able to stay strong through my journey; they gave me the power to fight, and to advocate for myself through the process.

I have a close family and a strong group of friends who supported me, but my Soul Survivor Family helped me get through and understand the complicated medical process and expectations.

Soul Survivors is a place where you can discuss exactly what is on your mind without worrying family. It’s a place where you can cry, scream, and laugh— a place without judgment.

Six years have passed since my first meeting. Since that time I have gone through four surgeries and multiple treatments. My Soul Survivor Family was with me the entire time. Today I am blessed to say that I am cancer free; however I still go to the monthly meetings supporting those who are still struggling and remembering those we have lost.

If you are struggling with illness, or need support, I strongly recommend that you come to a meeting. Have a cup of tea, and relax in an environment that is there to listen and to support.