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Pre-authorized Giving

Each Christian “should give, then, as they have decided, not with regret or out of a sense of duty; for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Our church has on-going financial commitments that need your regular support.  Because the church is important to us, we are each called to make a financial commitment to enable the ministry of our church to flourish.  Preauthorized Giving (PAG) makes it easier for us to fulfill our commitment, especially in these times when we are not meeting together and thus not receiving regular offering.

PAG is one option for giving to the church.  Through PAG automatic debits are withdrawn from your bank account/credit card to support the ministry of your local parish.  There is no extra charge to you.  Withdrawals are on the 20th of the month and will say United Church of Canada as they process this for us and deposit the money into our bank account.

Why should you use PAG?

  • PAG helps you budget your support of the church, in the same way that you budget all your other household expenses.
  • It ensures your support will continue regardless of your attendance on Sundays.  It also prevents “catch-up” if you are absent from church and therefore unable to make your donation, like at this unprecedent time of the pandemic.
  • It is good theology.  Through PAG we prayerfully and intentionally give of our first fruits to the ministry of God’s church.

How does PAG help my church?

  • PAG facilitates regular and dependable flow of contributions.
  • It helps the Treasurer manage the cash flow and administer the budget throughout the year.
  • It reduces the time volunteer counters spend on bookkeeping and paperwork on Sunday mornings.

How do I sign up for PAG? Here is the quick and easy process:  An authorization form is available in a separate attachment.

  • Decide how much you want to give to your parish each month and how you want your contribution to be allocated (General Operating Expenses, Building Fund, Outreach, etc.)
  • print and complete the form (enter monthly amount, name and sign/date it) and then scan and email it to If paying by credit card, you will be called for this information instead of you sending it through email. If paying from a bank account, the VOID cheque can also be scanned and sent with the completed form

How do I change or cancel my donation?

  • If you wish to update or cancel your PAG amount, please contact Bonnie at the above address.  As the church’s expenses change from year to year, and we recommend you review your PAG at the beginning of each year.

Please contact Bonnie Connolly, Treasurer, if you have any questions.

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