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Virtual Bible Study

Signs of Life: Community

In this video, The Rev. Becky Zartman is in conversation with Brs. Luke Ditewig, David Vryhof, Jonathan Maury and Nicholas Bartoli to discuss Community.

“Signs of Life” as we experience the Coronavirus outbreak.

We have been created in the image of God who is a Trinity of Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. How has the Coronavirus outbreak awakened you to the interdependence of humankind? Pray your gratitude for the people to whom you are connected. Pray for God’s company for those who are alone, are lost, are imprisoned, who otherwise feel forgotten.

Opening Prayer: Almighty Triune God, we thank you for the gift of community, by which we share life’s journey and grow together. May we follow your example of mutual self-giving and love to bless each other with an ever-widening embrace, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who dances with you and the Holy Spirit, one God in Trinity of persons now and forever. Amen.
Question 1: How has community influenced your spiritual journey, especially in this time of social distance?
Question 2: How does seeing God as a community influence your relationship with God and with others?
Question 3: How has community been a part of identifying and rubbing off your rough edges?
Question 4: How does being a part of spiritual community help you to flourish as an individual?
Question 5: What does it mean for you that we, as the Church, are a sent community?

Signs of Life: Shelter

In this video, The Rev. Becky Zartman is in conversation with Brs. Geoffrey Tristram, Jim Woodrum, David Vryhof and Nicholas Bartoli to discuss Shelter.

Opening Prayer: Beloved God, who, in your mercy shelters us with your tender embrace; grant that we may know you as a refuge in a world of suffering and help us to offer compassionate sanctuary to our neighbours in need; even as you dwell within and among us as Holy God forever and ever. AMEN.

Question 1: What images or phrases from the video have stuck with you or grabbed your attention?
Question 2: How has shelter, in the various forms discussed in the video influenced your spiritual journey?
Question 3: Shelter is not limited to physical space. Brother Nicholas talked about someone who offered shelter through silent presence. How have you experienced shelter from someone?
Question 4: How can you extend shelter to others, especially in this time of social distancing and isolation? What about when this is over?
Question 5: How has the knowledge of God’s promise of shelter help you face difficult times or journeys (like now)?
Weekly Practice (slightly altered for our times): 
This week as you return to the place you feel most at home, or move about from place to within it, pay attention to what you set down and let go”
In this video, The Rev. Becky Zartman is in conversation with Brs. James Koester, Curtis Almquist, Luke Ditewig and Sean Glenn to discuss Food.

Opening Prayer:

O God, who by the abundance of your Son all Creation is nourished and satisfied: Grant us, we pray, a holy hunger to be filled with your good things, and food for the leanness of our souls; through the bread of eternal life, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
1. In the video what images or phrases caught your attention?
2. How has food been a part of your spiritual journey?
3. Brother Curtis talked about provision, that his experience taught him that provision is not necessarily in the form of what he desired or thought he should have, but what is there. Given the situation we are all living in right how, how have you experienced the provision of God, perhaps in surprising ways?
4. Brother James notes that Jesus feeds us both with the Eucharistic meal, but also with Scripture. How does Scripture feed you, especially while we are not celebrating Eucharist?
5. The world is hungry for so many things, how can you and we as Church be part of God’s provision?

Weekly Practice  As you eat this week, give thanks to God for your food and also for your feelings, whether hungry or full.

Signs of Life: Water

In this video, The Rev. Becky Zartman is in conversation with Brs. Jonathan Maury, Keith Nelson, James Koester and Lucas Hall to discuss Water.

“Signs of Life” as we experience the Coronavirus outbreak.

As you wash your hands, incessantly, pray for cleansing from any point of infection, and also pray for an inner cleansing from any fear, any prejudice, any presumption that the viral threat has exposed in your soul. Pray also for those who continue to work on our behalf, and at heightened risk, to make our lives possible. Pray they be washed from any contagion.

Questions for Meditation

At the end of the service of Compline, one Brother sprinkles the gathered community with holy water, praying for “a peaceful night and a perfect end.” This ritual reminds us of our mortality. How might you hand your own life back to God at the end of each day?

Surrendering to the water of baptism allows for us to be reborn by the Holy Spirit into the new life of God. How are you adrift? What keeps you afloat?


  • This week, when you wash your hands, notice the water, really feel the water as it flows over your hands.

Signs of Life: Light
In this video, The Rev. Becky Zartman is in conversation with Brs. Curtis Almquist, Jim Woodrum, Keith Nelson and Geoffrey Tristram to discuss Light.

“Signs of Life” as we experience the Coronavirus outbreak.

Health care workers – paramedics, nurses, physicians, researchers, and support staff – are working so heroically to diagnose and treat the Coronavirus and to develop a vaccine. Pray that they have insight to make accurate diagnoses and treatments, that the eyes of their hearts be enlightened with wisdom, and that God’s irradiating light protect them.

In this video, The Rev. Becky Zartman is in conversation with Brs. Curtis Almquist, Jim Woodrum, Keith Nelson and Geoffrey Tristram to discuss Light.

Questions for Meditation:

At the beginning of the Great Easter Vigil, we literally share the Light of Christ, as we light one another’s candles from the newly kindled flame. How do we live out this liturgical moment in our daily lives?

Our souls, like the sky, know times of darkness as well as light. Where is the light in your life? 


  • This week, pay attention to light as you move through your day, especially at the beginning and the close of each day.
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