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Virtual Study Group

Tuesdays at Trinity Bradford – We are on summer break but see below for an offering our sister church, Trinity Aurora

Four Ways of Prayer – An offering from Trinity Aurora, Thursday July 15, 22 and 29 via Zoom at 10 am or 7:30 pm. 1 hour in length.

Has your prayer life taken a hit during the pandemic? Perhaps you are new to prayer or have never prayed before?Maybe the way you were taught to pray no longer feels right for you.

Fr. Dan Graves will be offering a three-week mini-series via zoom outlining four different ways to pray.  In each of the first two sessions we will cover two different prayer styles/methods. Between each session you will be given the opportunity to practice what you have learned. In the third and final session, we will reflect together on the experience of trying out different styles of prayer.  

Mini-Series Outline:

Session One: Praying for ourselves and others (Intercessory and Supplicatory Prayer) and The Prayer of the Heart (Christian Mediation and Contemplation)

Session Two: Liturgical Prayer (the Daily Office) and Imaginative Prayer (Lectio Divina)

Session Three: Reflecting on our Experiences

To register, please email the Rev. Daniel Graves at

Additional Study Resources

Reading the Bible programs

Whether you are doing it for the first time or have been doing it for a while, it can be challenging knowing where to start and how much to read at each time. While there is no set way that we should approach reading the bible, a reading plan can be helpful. Some bibles come with a reading plan or plans, groups like the Canadian Bible Society have produced pamphlets with reading plans and many of the websites offer reading plans and even daily emails to remind you what you are reading that day. Listed before are a few websites you might look at if you are thinking about reading the bible this year.

Bible Gateway has numerous reading plans that cover specific sections of the bible, or of specific length (like a 90 day plan to get you started), full bible reading plans, and that are intended to have you read the books in the order they were written (approximately). As well you can sign-up for an email for a daily reminder. 

The Bible Project  – (scroll to the bottom of the page for bible reading information and sign-up), has a downloadable plan that included not only what you are reading, but suggests videos (short) from their site that compliment your reading. Each You can also signup for a weekly email with gives you this information in weekly segments.

Indigenous Ministries of the Anglican Church of Canada a “Gospel-Based Discipleship” reading program with a daily reading and reflection questions as you read. Each month the list of readings is updated for you to download.

If you have any questions or would like to talk more about different reading programs or which version of the bible is best suited for you, please contact me, Rev. Dana, and hopefully I can point you in the right direction.

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