Second Hand Shop

Donations to the 2nd Hand Shop

A new look! Please drop in at our 2nd Hand Shop and see! We are very grateful for the generous donation of several very nice sets of shelving from a hobby shop that was closing. These shelves replace several tables, opening up our space and allowing us to display items nicely. Sincere thanks and appreciation to John Downey, of Hockley Valley Railroad train shop and gallery, in Alliston for this donation. Thanks to a few parishioners for arranging to get the shelves, providing a truck, and setting the shelves up in our shop. Thank-you for your generous donations of good items to the 2nd Hand Shop!

Our successful little shop serves many people in the community and is a great support for our church too.

We happily accept the following items:
clothing and accessories that are in-style & in-season
useful household items & decorative items
small toys, small appliances, jewellery
in very good condition only, clean, complete, and in good working order

We do NOT accept the following items:
computers, TV’s and electronics
cookbooks; large or heavy books; old books, text books
Sets of dishes
Large, bulky, or heavy items
Anything cracked, chipped, incomplete or worn-looking


Drop in any Thursday or Saturday morning 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thank-you!

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