Second Hand Shop

Donations to the 2nd Hand Shop

Thank-you for your generous donations of good items to the 2nd Hand Shop!
Our successful little shop serves many people in the community and is a great support for our church too.

We happily accept the following items (if in very good condition, clean, complete, and working well):
– In-style, in-season clothing and accessories
– Useful household items
– Decorative items
– Toys
– Small appliances
– Jewellery

Kindly do not donate the following items (they seldom sell and we have to dispose of them):
– Computers, TV’s and electronics
– Cookbooks; and large or heavy books
– Old books, text books
– Sets of dishes
– Large, bulky, or heavy items
– Anything cracked, chipped, incomplete or worn-looking

Drop in any Thursday or Saturday morning 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thank-you!