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Outreach Update

Summer Imitative – submitted by Ellen Cotton on behalf of the Outreach committee….

This summer, our church will support our community with monetary donations to the Helping Hand Food Bank, with a special emphasis on supporting families– especially those with children– experiencing food insecurity. 

Families with children are more likely to be worried about:

            – food running out before there is money to buy more

            – having difficulty affording to eat balanced meals

Here are some figures to help you make a decision about how much you would like to donate (figures from the Helping Hands Food Bank

            – Supporting 1 family for 1 month costs $180

The Helping Hand Food Bank also has is a School Snack Program, which fills the gap left by school breakfast programs while schools are closed.):

            – Supporting 1 child for 1 month costs $30

            – Supporting 1 child for 1 week costs $7

Since we can’t support the children and families of our community through Vacation Bible School again this summer, let’s support them this way! You can make your donation as you would your regular givings, by mail, e-transfer or online. In each case please note “Food Bank” so that it goes to the right place. 

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