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Outreach Update

Outreach Update – Helping Hands Food Bank 

This summer Trinity has once again made a commitment to supporting the work of The Helping Hands Food Bank. As of last week, $1275 has been donated. Based on the figures we gave in the last two issues of “News from the Pews” for how much it costs for 1 month, this means we have provided 1 month of assistance to 7 families, or 42.5 children through the School Snack program. 

As a reminder: (figures from the Helping Hands Food Bank)

            – Supporting 1 family for 1 month costs $180

And School Snack Program, which fills the gap left by school breakfast programs while schools are closed:

            – Supporting 1 child for 1 month costs $30

            – Supporting 1 child for 1 week costs $7

Please continue to send in your donations in all the usual ways, so we can support more families or children in this time when more families are needing to access help like the food bank. 

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