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March 20 Letter from Rev. Dana

Greetings Trinity
As you may have heard, thanks in part to the Bradford Today article, our sign says, “Building Closed, The Church Continues.” While we have often heard that the church is not the building, that is being demonstrated now as we seek be The Church without a place to gather or in fact gathering physically. So, what are some ways that we can be the Church in the midst of this unprecedented time? Here are just a few ideas: We can connect through social media, both Facebook and the website, call someone, write a letter or send a card with some inspiration, as we are out walking, smile and say hello to people that we pass. How will you be The Church where you are? How will you be salt and light in this community (Matthew 5:13-15)?
I will again be leading a Facebook Live worship service this Sunday at 10 am. You do not need a Facebook account to access it, simply click on this link Trinity Facebook Page (or type in to access our page (close the pop-up window asking you to sign in or signup) and scroll down to the posts. This means you have to scroll past the pictures and reviews. We will go live shortly before 10 so that it might be easier to find us when you get there. Alternately we will post a link to the video on our website ( by the beginning of the week, giving you the opportunity to watch it at any time through the week.
This week since Bishop Peter was to be our guest, he is hoping to send me something to share with you on his behalf. Each week in this email I will give you the scripture passage for the coming Sunday, a reflection question and the Prayer of the Day, so we can always reflect on those if you can’t access our worship online.
Scripture: John 9:1-41 (click on this link to go to Bible Gateway for the passage)
Question: How do we react when we see or experience something unbelievable?
Prayer: Almighty God, through the waters of baptism
your Son has made us children of light.
May we ever walk in his light
and show forth your glory in the world;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever. AMEN.
Addition ways you might stay connected:
I have asked Elizabeth to be the point person for families, with resources for you to continue to nurture the faith of your children through emails, posts on Facebook and other resources she is working on.
Our website will have additional prayer resources you can access to assist with your prayers at home, and links to occasional other resources or videos posted on our Facebook page – Thank you Cynthia.
Finally, I want to remind you that Trinity still needs your financial support for our ministry. The doors may be closed but the bills don’t stop. The wardens will be sending out a more detailed email shortly. For now, consider mailing your donations, or giving through the link to Canada
Helps on our Website or if you want to sign up for Pre-Authorized contact Bonnie Connolly,, who is working to simplify the process to fit the current circumstances.
I look forward to connecting with you on Facebook, and through these emails and phone calls I will be making to check in with people, especially the more vulnerable and isolated parishioners.
May the peace that passes all understanding be with you today and sustain you through whatever comes.
Rev. Dana

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