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Greetings from Rev. Dana – April 2

Another week has passed and our physical separation continues and probably will for a while. Many of us are finding new ways of connecting with others, we are establishing new routines and perhaps finally getting to tasks that we had put off until later. I started going through boxes that had remained packed since we moved here three years ago. There have been some interesting discoveries, some of which made me wonder why I kept it. In the box labeled “odds and ends – last box” I discovered some rolls of nickels and dimes, which I’m donating to our Lenten project of sponsoring a night at Inn From the Cold. Perhaps you have discovered forgotten treasurers as well. Like so many things about this time, I am re-evaluating what is really important, what I need and what is not important and letting go of them. I’m sorting them into various donation piles for when this is over, realizing others may be able to make better use of them than I am currently. I believe this time is reshaping our sense of what is truly important in our life and that it will be less about possessions, and more about people and relationships. 

This Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week with Passion Sunday with the Palm Procession. Obviously, we are not having a palm procession and cannot even distribute palms as we had hoped. One alternative from the Bishop of Huron, Todd Townsend, has been to hang a green branch of some variety on your front door. While many branches are not out yet, this could an evergreen or cedar bow, or you could make one. If you do hang some greenery on your front door you can take a picture and email it to me to create a collage of door pictures for Facebook and the website. 

As I said, Holy Week begins this Sunday and we typically have two gospel readings, the first prior to the palm procession of the triumphant entry into Jerusalem and second the passion or suffering and death of Jesus. This tradition of two readings is fairly recent when Churches realized that more and more people were not attending Good Friday services and so were going from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday without the suffering that comes between. 

Worship will once again be broadcast live through Facebook, but you do not need a Facebook account to access it, just go to our Facebook page at 10 am on Sunday and scroll down to the live video. For those on Facebook we have a post you can click on that not only lets you set a reminder, but that post becomes the live feed on Sunday at 10. We will do this as well for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

Worship this week: 

Readings: Matthew 21:1-11 (Palms) and Matthew 26:14-27:66 (Passion), but I will be reading the shorter alternative Matthew 27:11-54 in Sunday’s worship. 

Reflection Questions: How does pairing the triumphant entry into Jerusalem with the Passion of Jesus, influence my celebration of Holy Week? How does it help to prepare me for celebrating the resurrection next Sunday? What would I miss if I went from the entry into Jerusalem straight to the resurrection? Prayers for the week:


Almighty God,
whose Son was crucified yet entered into glory,
may we, walking in the way of the cross,
find it is for us the way of life;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. 


Almighty and everliving God,
in tender love for all our human race
you sent your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ
to take our flesh
and suffer death upon a cruel cross.
May we follow the example of his great humility, and share in the glory of his resurrection;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. 

You should be receiving snail mail from me this week or the beginning of next week. It is your Easter letter which included suggestions for celebrating Holy Week at home. I have also asked that it be posted on the website to share the ideas.   Next week’s email will have more details and suggestions for Holy Week and Easter. Until then, continue to connect with each other, and feel free to call or email me if you want to chat. We will get through this and be better for it. 

Blessings, Rev. Dana

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