From Rev. Dana

2018 rev dana

It was a beautiful and sacred time as we celebrated Holy Week leading up to our joyous Easter Sunday celebrations. Our Easter celebration continues now through the seven weeks of Easter leading us into celebration of Pentecost and then settling into Ordinary Time, the longest season of the Church Year. Lent, Holy Week and Easter were busy times, and often we think that things slow down after Easter, but as we look ahead to the rest of our Easter Season and beginning of Ordinary Time, it will be no less busy. As I was preparing the Sunday schedule for May and June I noted that we have something happening almost every Sunday and as well as some other events throughout. It is wonderful to see Trinity so busy. Let me share with you just a few highlights of things to come.

This Sunday, May 5, we will be welcoming a speaker from The David Busby Centre, for our FaithWorks Sunday. This is part of our commitment as a congregation to grow in our understanding of FaithWorks, its ministries and to increase our FaithWorks giving this year. I am looking forward to learning more about the David Busby Centre and the work they are doing. After the service we will be hosting a soup lunch, which is always a time of great fellowship.

Sunday June 16 will be a Teaching Eucharist. For the past two years we have had a teaching Eucharist in the spring as a chance to learn more about the history and practices that are part of our weekly worship. As always if you have any specific questions you want answered please email me or write down your questions and give them to me, preferably at least a few weeks before so I have a chance to think about and if necessary research the answer. My primary focus this year will be the evolution of worship, particularly some of the options that have been introduced by the Anglican Church of Canada since the introduction of the Book of Alternative Services over 30 years ago. I look forward to sharing with you some of these wonderful options we have been offered as well as some of the why and how of our Anglican worship.

Friday June 21, 6:30 pm to 10 pm, will be our 2nd All Ages Games Night. In March we celebrated the beginning of spring with a small but fun evening of games, so we decided to celebrate the beginning of summer likewise. We have a number of games available, but please feel free to bring your own.  You can come for the whole evening or just drop by for part of it. There are many options for games from card games like cribbage and euchre to traditional board games like Chutes and Ladders, to new games like Exploding Kittens (it really is a fun card game) to a dice game called Farkle. Invite your friends and family and join us for this fun night of laughter and games.

These are just a few of the highlights from the next two months, more events are listed in this News from the Pews. In our current bible study of the Book of the Acts of the Apostles we were noting that a key characteristic of the Church in its earliest days was their fellowship, the time they spent together not just in worship, but breaking bread, and times of fellowship, as they were building community with one another. It is a wonderful tradition to continue in, of seeking to be together, to building community through worship and fellowship with one another. I am looking forward to us being together in these and various ways.

Blessings, Rev. Dana