From Rev. Dana

2018 rev dana“Thy Kingdom Come” began two years ago, when the Archbishops of Canterbury and York chose the 10 days between Ascension and Pentecost as a time of prayer. The focus of that time was specifically prayer for others to come to know Jesus, asking the Holy Spirit to help them be witnesses to Jesus Christ and to pray for others to discover that living faith. This theme evolved out of Jesus’ words, “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth,” (Acts 1:8) which is the Church’s calling. Christians across the Church of England were invited to join the Archbishops in the time of prayer. The invitation spread, leading to over 100,000 Christians from across denominations throughout the UK getting involved in over 3,000 events, and numerous more individuals who committed to pray.
Last year the invitation went global, as Christians around the world were invited and committed to praying for Christ’s witness in the world. There were prayer services, churches hosted prayer stations, prayer walks, they opened their doors for prayer and encouraged their people to pray. As individuals and churches signed up online, a dot of light appeared on a map, and gradually more and more dots of light appeared, a sign of the light of Christ spreading throughout the world through prayer.
Last year, we were one of those dots of light on the map, the altar in the Upper Room set up as a prayer chapel with candles and various prayer resources. People were welcome to drop by when the church was open to pray, and a few did.
This year, I have again made a commitment on behalf of Trinity to be a place of prayer over the ten days, from Ascension (May 10) to Pentecost (May 20). I am going to kick off “Thy Kingdom Come” with an Ascension Day Service at 10 am gathered around the altar in the Upper Room. This space will continue as a space for prayer when the church is already open – Tuesdays (12:30-3:30), Wednesdays (use entrance off James St), Thursdays and Saturdays (9:30-12:30). It will be set up with chairs surrounding the altar, some candles and a table with some prayer resources available. Resources will include suggestions for praying through The Lord’s Prayer with reflection on each petition, praying for the Nation, Prayer Walking, and prayer journals that have suggestions for each day. Drop by for a few minutes or stay for a while, or take some resources to use on your own.
It seems to me that prayer for our world, for one another and for ourselves is increasingly needed. As we pray in the Lord’s Prayer each week, let us pray for God’s kingdom to come on earth, and God’s will to be done. Join me in joining others around the world in these 10 days of prayer.
For more information, resources or to make your own pledge to pray, the website is: