Trinity Anglican Church, Bradford

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Churchwardens’ Update

Thank-you for your generous financial support.  Because of your support, we have been able to meet all our financial commitments.

Roger Sorensen, Deputy Churchwarden has resigned from his position.  Recently, Roger extended the railing leading to the basement to provide better support for individuals using the stairs to the basement. We want to thank Roger for all his contributions to our church community and his expertise in maintaining our building. 

The exterior window frames needed painting and this has been completed. We have been preparing for the reopening of our church on September 13.  We are following the public health directive and diocesan guidelines for the reopening.  Please help us help you stay safe during this pandemic.  We will be offering in-person and online worship.  There is more detail provided in this newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Cynthia Riley, Patti Kergon, Churchwardens

Gary Gill, Deputy Churchwarden

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