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Church News

This month we begin the 11th year for “News from the Pews” newsletter! If you would like to receive this newsletter monthly by email, please contact the church secretary. Hard copies are available on the table under the bell tower.

Sincere thanks to all who donated ‘New’ underwear etc. for our “Drop Your Drawers” outreach project in October! We were able to give a nice bundle of items to “Inn from the Cold”, an agency that provides emergency shelter and support services for the homeless and those at risk of homelessness in Newmarket and the surrounding areas.

We are pleased to report the results of our October fundraising endeavours, as follows:

  • MacGregor Meat and Seafood Sale: $718
  • A Cappella York Barbershop Chorus: $855
  • Vesey Bulb Sale: $110.50 (for New Ministry such as Merry Little Christmas)

Thank-you to our volunteers who organized these events, and all who supported them.

Plastic Shovels – We have all admired the new coating on our south porch and stairs. In order to try to protect and extend the life of that coating you will a find plastic shovel and special ice melt at the south door that is to be used for the south side of the church. The shovel and ice salt at the north door should NOT be used on the south side. Thank you to those who assist throughout the winter in keeping our walkways and stairs clear of ice and snow and we ask you to please use the shovel and the ice melt or salt only at the respective doors.

Hello everyone! Thank-you to all who continually support the Second Hand Shop with your donations! We are in need of linens. We have been helping many newcomers, young moms and those getting into accommodations without any household items. As a result we now need all sizes of sheets, bath and hand towels, facecloths, tea towels and bath mats. We ask that they have no stains, no ravelled edges and no holes. Your donations will be greatly appreciated. Any questions, please contact Sheryl MacPhail, 905-775-3134.

Goodies and treats for coffee time after Sunday services are always welcome. We encourage you, when donating treats, to try to be nut-free if possible, as there is an increasing number of people for whom nuts could lead to a serious reaction including anaphylactic shock. When donating goodies, please leave them on the coffee table in the Upper Room or in the church office, marked “Sunday”. Thank-you!

Following the Children’s Focus in the service, children in Jr. K and up are invited to gather downstairs for Sunday School. Contact: Elizabeth Annand

November Finance Feature

The Altar Guild is responsible for many things— wafers and wine for Holy Eucharist; beeswax candles; silver Communion vessels; brass vases; fine linens; antependia (coloured seasonal hangings); and the care of these items; as well as fresh flowers every Sunday morning. Dedicated volunteers donate their time and work, but to cover the costs involved, they depend on donations. For a donation of $35 or more to the Altar Guild, anyone may have flowers placed in the church for a Sunday service, in memory of loved ones, in thanksgiving, or for a special celebration. To arrange for Sunday flowers, please speak with Sandra Longthorne, chair of the Altar Guild.

Donations of brand new items are invited for the Silent Auction.  Please give the items to Sheryl MacPhail as soon as possible. The auction tables will be set up soon and the auction will end 10 am, Sunday, November 24.

“Welcome Folders” are available in the Upper Room (narthex) on the table near the top of the stairs for newcomers or anyone interested in information about Trinity Church, or the Anglican church in general.

The Christmas Shoebox Project for Women at physical risk or facing homelessness in Simcoe County, spending the holiday in Women’s Shelters

Decorate an empty shoe box and wrap the bottom and lid separately with attractive seasonal gift wrap and possibly line the box with tissue paper.  Fasten the bottom and lid together with elastic bands or ribbon, as contents have to be checked for safety by Shelter staff.

Select only high quality gifts that you would like to receive as a gift or items you might purchase for your mother or a close friend. (Approx. value $50)

Suggested Items to Include:

  • *something warm:  socks, mitts, scarf, hand warmers
  • *sunscreen, reusable water bottle
  • *something sweet:  nut-free candy (not alcohol filled)
  • *cough drops, multivitamins
  • *body or hand lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, toothbrush holder
  • *brush, comb, shampoo, conditioner
  • *nail polish, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, lip balm
  • *purse-sized Kleenex, small cosmetic bag
  • *gift card (Tim Hortons, Shoppers, McDonalds etc.) – please write the amount on the card or include the receipt
  • *shower shoes, soap, shower gel, net sponge
  • *journals, adult colouring books, pens, coloured pencils
  • *supportive message
  • Please DO NOT include:
  • *used goods & hotel samples
  • *sized clothing (i.e. S, M, L, XL) because women come in all different sizes
  • *mouthwash or hand-sanitizer containing alcohol
  • *bubble bath or bath bombs, as most shelters do not have bathtubs
  • *candles (due to fire safety concerns)
  • *foundations or concealers should not be included because each person has a unique skin tone
  • *no razors
  • *jumbo-sized containers
  • *no Feminine hygiene products
  • *anything opened or not packaged
  • *books

Write an Inspirational Message:

Women who receive a gift from The Shoebox Project are touched by the effort that goes into decorating the Shoebox as well as the special cards, messages of support and poems contained inside. 

Please drop off your Shoebox Christmas Gift to the church by Sunday, December 1st, 2019.

May God Bless you for your outreach to women forced to spend Christmas in a Women’s Shelter.

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