Church News

In all its adornment, the church looked magnificent for Christmas! We are grateful to our dedicated decorating team: Carol McPherson, Janie James, Shirley Bowles, Gretchen Dewhirst, Sharon & David Read, Jane & Del Crake, Fred & Sandra Longthorne, and Art & Lynne Holden.

The Christmas décor in the church was made possible by donations from parishioners:
– In thanksgiving: from Shirley Bowles, Art & Lynne Holden, Sandra & Fred Longthorne, Sam & Marcia Lee
– In memory of loved ones departed: from Barb & Chris Zuercher
– In memory of Sheryl’s parents Edward & Winnifred Norby, by Sheryl & Doug MacPhail
– In memory of Kenny, by his wife Ethel Ingham

Our Christmas Carol Sing on the evening of Sunday, December 17 was enjoyed by many from Trinity and the community. Many folks were taking advantage of reading the words on the TV screen. It was a pleasure to hear all those voices singing heartily!

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday this year, and so our morning service was in the form of “Lessons and Carols” which was enjoyed by many. And we still had a good turnout for the two evening services. The family service at 7 pm was a very nice Christmas celebration. What great fun for everyone when Rev. Dana engaged the children who were present in an impromptu Christmas pageant. The traditional service at 11 pm was peaceful and joyful, ending in candlelight as the congregation sang “Silent Night”. How beautiful! Heading for home in the wee hours of Christmas morning, we stepped out into a beautiful white Christmas!

Besides the three services on Christmas Eve, Rev. Dana celebrated a Christmas Day Eucharist with Christmas Carols, at 10 am! Thank-you Rev. Dana for observing so many of our rituals and introducing us to some of your own. It was a wonderful Christmas time together!

Trinity hosted the annual Blue Christmas service in December, together with The Rev. Jim Keenan and friends from Bradford United Church. Rev. Dana officiated and Rev. Jim was the preacher.

If you do not currently receive the monthly Anglican Journal newspaper, please speak with Margaret, the secretary, to be added to their mailing list. This paper is free of charge to all families in Anglican parishes.

Rev. Dana and Stewart spend 15 minutes in prayer, in the church, from 9 to 9:15 am Sunday mornings.
Parishioners are welcome to come and pray before the service as well.

Do you have an occasion to celebrate? Our main room downstairs may be rented for special occasions for $100 a day, or part thereof. Insurance is mandatory and may be easily purchased through the Diocese’s insurance company at a very reasonable rate, starting at about $35.A recent change of insurance provider has resulted in less cost and an easier process for obtaining insurance! For rental information or to book the room, please contact Margaret, the secretary.

Some 2018 Offering Envelopes remain to be picked up and these are available in the Upper Room.

Like Morton’s Salt: “It never rains but it pours.” Now it is the old furnace, which is being repaired temporarily, but soon needs to be replaced. As most of us already know, our faithful 20-year old dishwasher finally gave up, and our water heater is not performing well. All this leads to the necessity of updating some old plumbing. If you have considered giving a donation in memory, or in thanksgiving, and are looking for a project to donate to, you may consider directing your gift to building maintenance.

New Cemetery Signs– A sign for St. Paul’s Cemetery has been placed in the existing frame at Coulson’s Hill, in front of the church and cemetery. Also a new sign is hanging at the southeast corner of County Road 4 (Hwy 11) near Line 11, pointing towards the cemetery. These were purchased by the Cemetery Board. Thanks to Barrie Schroeder for arranging for and installing the signs.

In January the work on the window above the altar is expected to be completed. Woodwork will be repainted and a new, clear outer panel will be installed to protect the stained glass window. This will finish the window work that began in 2017. The next project along this line will be covering various sections of fascia with aluminum, and fixing up the woodwork around the stained glass windows. This work will be done in the future, as we are able, but for now the most dire window repairs have been taken care of.

“Welcome Folders” are available in the Upper Room (narthex) on the table near the top of the stairs for newcomers or anyone interested in information about Trinity Church, or the Anglican church in general.

The Lift: please remember that several of our parishioners are ready and willing to help anyone use the lift. When we have events, receptions or funerals at the church, and you spot any visitors who may appreciate using the lift, please bring it to their attention. Sheryl MacPhail, Art Holden, Lorna Oldreive, Meg White, Barrie or Margaret Schroeder, Ann Spalding, Sandra or Fred Longthorne, and others are willing and able to help.

Unfortunately the Bradford Times, along with newspapers from several other towns, was closed around the end of November. Trinity Church will miss the Times and its editor Miriam King. Miriam attended so many of our events and placed photos and write-ups in the paper for us. Notice of upcoming events will be posted in our outdoor sign, on Facebook, and in “News from the Pews” but we ask parishioners to pass along word of upcoming events to friends, neighbours, and family.

Bright green, long-sleeve T-shirts from “The Great Trinity Steeplechase”(that wonderful, fun event a few years ago) are on sale at $5 each. Some of our parishioners enjoy wearing their green shirts at church events! e.g. suppers, steak BBQ, bell tower party, or any time we want to celebrate or bring attention to Trinity Church! If you would like to have one of these eye-catching T-shirts they are available in the Upper Room on Sundays, and in the 2nd hand shop (they are new, not 2nd hand!).You may also contact Margaret in the office, or Sheryl MacPhail.