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LENT is only days away; listed below are 3 of various activities, studies and services you may want to consider as you observe Lent in 2019…..

  1. Lenten Study: “Animate Faith” is a seven-week program that began the week before Lent on February 26 in order to fit in all the sessions. The Lenten Study takes the place of our regular Tuesday evening study group. We meet for worship at 7:30 pm followed by fellowship and study. “Animate Faith” is a short video and discussion series. Eash week a different leading modern-day Christian writer considers key topics of our Christian faith. The sessions are:

God: Faith is Quest

Religion: Spirituality is Not Enough

Jesus: The Revolution of Love

Salvation: Abundant Life Now

Cross: Where God Is

Bible: A Book like No Other

Church: An Imperfect Family

2. Lenten Ecumenical Worship: Each year local churches have a 5-week Lenten series in which they take turns hosting a service while someone from another denomination preaches. It is a wonderful opportunity for the churches of Bradford to gather together. The services will be as follows, all beginning at 7:30 pm…..

  •  March 13   Bradford Baptist Church   Speaker: Pastor Richard Bodini
  •  March 20   Bradford United Church   Speaker: Pastor Tim Walker
  •  March 27   St. Catherine of Alexandria Byzantine Catholic Church   Speaker: The Rev. Jim Keenan
  • April 3   St. John’s Presbyterian Church   Speaker: Joshua Roldan
  • April 10   Holy Martyrs of Japan Roman Catholic Church   Speaker: The Rev. Dana Dickson
  1. Bishop Peter Fenty’s Lenten Study: This year Bishop Peter will be offering a Lenten study on Wednesday evenings. Although the Bradford Ministerial Lenten series also takes place on Wednesday evenings, we are invited to attend any of the Bishop’s evenings. Our York Simcoe area is large and so the Bishop and the Regional Deans have arranged 4 evenings around the area to make it easier for people to attend one of the sessions. It is not a series as the Bishop will be using the same reflection each evening, but if anyone wishes to attend more than one, we will be welcome. “Give us this day our daily bread.” Prayer is at the heart of our spiritual lives and our relationship with a loving, liberating and life-giving God. When and how we pray is important for a meaningful relationship with God. We are invited to join Bishop Fenty as he leads an evening of study, prayer and reflection.

March 13    St. James Orillia               58 Peter Street           705 325 2742

March 20    St. Paul’s Newmarket     227 Church Street      905 853 7285

April 3         St. George’s Allandale    9 Granville Street       705 726 8121

April 10       Holy Trinity Thornhill   140 Brooke Street      905 889 5931

 Each evening starts at 7:00 pm.

 What is Lent?

Lent is a season of preparation leading up to Easter. It is the forty days plus the six Sundays before Easter. For centuries, it has been observed as a special time of self examination and penitence. Lent is a time for reflection and preparation, and is not a time for self punishment. Throughout Lent, the worship services of the church take on a simpler tone, appropriate to this season. The Gloria is not sung, and there is no Gospel procession. The word Alleluia is not used in the words of the liturgy or hymns. These practices help the worshiping community to mark this season in the church year.

Observing Lent

The custom is to mark the season of Lent by giving up some things and/or taking on others. Both can serve to mark the season as a holy time of preparation. Some examples of things people give up for Lent include sweets, meat for all or some meals, alcohol and more recently TV or Social Media. In most cases, giving up something for Lent can be made more meaningful by using the money or time for another purpose. For example, meal times on fast days, or TV time could be spent in prayer or reading the bible or another spiritual book. Another example is that if you give up meat or alcohol during Lent, the extra money that could go to a charity serving the needs of poor. Some things you could add during Lent are daily Bible reading, times of prayer, taking a course of study related in some way to spirituality.

Note that the season of Lent is forty days plus the six Sundays. This is because Sundays are celebrations of Jesus’ resurrection and are always an appropriate day to lessen the restrictions of Lent.

Lent is also an especially appropriate time for the sacrament of confession. While confession to a priest is not required to receive God’s forgiveness, it can be a meaningful rite of reconciliation to God.

 Lenten Resources: The book lending table has been restocked with various books and other resources. There are Christian Fiction, spiritual resources and practices, devotionals and copies of the Lenten studies from Society of St. John the Evangelist, who wrote last year’s study, “Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John.” There are two copies of each study; if you take the last one please let me know so another copy can be made. If you are looking for something specific that is not there please ask and Rev. Dana will check her library.

 For your calendar, a brief look ahead at Holy Week:

  • April 14 at 10 am   Palm/Passion  Sunday with palm procession
  • April 18 at 7 pm     Maundy Thursday – Ritual washing of feet, and stripping of altar
  • April 19 at 10 am   Good Friday Stations of the Cross, outdoors and at 10:45 am         Good Friday liturgy in the church
  • April 20 at 8 pm      Holy Saturday  Easter Vigil, Service of Light
  • April 21 at 10 am    Easter – Celebrating the resurrection

Following our annual vestry meeting of February 24, our current churchwardens are:

Meg White was reappointed rector’s warden, and Patti Kergon was appointed deputy rector’s warden.

Cynthia Riley was elected peoples’ warden, and Roger Sorensen was elected deputy peoples’ warden.

Parishioners may speak with any of the churchwardens if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions to share concerning our church.

We thank Lorna Oldreive and Sandra Longthorne and those who helped, for preparing the wonderful lunch following the annual Vestry meeting on February 24.  As always, it was a time of good food and good fellowship!

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“Give us today our daily bread”  York-Simcoe Wednesday night Lenten Study

2019 York-Simcoe Lenten Study Poster