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Dear Friends,

While we are unable to meet together during the virus situation this issue of “News from the Pews” is somewhat different from our usual monthly newsletter. It begins with an information message from Rev. Dana with information, suggestions and resources. Also included is a letter from our churchwardens and a letter from Bishop Peter Fenty which was sent in place of his coming on Sunday March 22. Last, but not least there are other announcements and our church calendar. You may find some information is repeated in different articles, but we felt it was important to maintain the original context in which it was said as much as possible. Margaret


For the foreseeable future I will be leading a Facebook Live worship service on Sundays at 10 am. You do not need a Facebook account to access it, simply click on this link Trinity Facebook Page

(or type in to access our page (close the pop-up window asking you to sign in or sign up) and scroll down to the posts. This means you have to scroll past the pictures and reviews. We will go live shortly before 10 so that it might be easier to find us when you get there. Alternately we will post a link to the video on our website ( by the beginning of the following week, giving you the opportunity to watch it afterwards.


I did not want to overwhelm people with my weekly email as well as “News from The Pews”, so I have combined them for this week. I want to encourage you to read this “News from the Pews” as there is a lot of really good information. We thought when we started putting it together that there would not be very much to share with you, but as you will see there are many things to share in this time when we are not together.

In this “News from the Pews” you will also find the latest information about what is going on; an invitation to prayer and lighting a candle this Sunday March 29; what Pre-Authorized Giving is, and how it could be helpful especially now and how you can sign-up; and a list of readings for April.

Next week you will receive an email and a physical letter from me. I will be sending out an Easter letter by mail with an Easter message, some ideas for celebrating Holy Week at home, and a self-addressed stamped envelope for returning your Easter and/or regular offering. 

Let me begin then with the information for this coming Sunday. I will be sending out information like this each week in my weekly email:

The reading for this week is John 11:1-45(click on 11:1-45 to be taken to Bible Gateway)


Giver of life,
your Son has destroyed the power of death, for all those who believe in him.
Accept all we offer you this day and strengthen us in faith and hope;
through Jesus Christ, the Lord of all the living.

Question: How have I experienced Jesus as the resurrection and life? And what does this mean for you in how you live today? (John 11:25-26)

Church Office is closed – As of Wednesday March 25 the office will NOT open on Wednesdays as we had previously hoped so that items could be dropped off while maintaining the safe 6 feet distance. You can still leave a message on voicemail, which will be checked regularly but you can also leave a message for Rev. Dana on her cell phone 289-383-1036. Please remember that she is off on Mondays and will not likely answer or return phone calls, texts or emails.

Website – We are trying as best we can to add updated links and announcement on the website, so please check it often. As well, you will find there a link to Canada Helps, an online donation service that will allow you donate to Trinity and our ongoing ministry.

Palms – As it was too late to cancel our order for palms, we are working on an alternative means of distributing them in a safe manner, such as a basket on a table in the parking lot where people can drivein to pick some up. Details if and how you can pickup palms will be sent out in the email next week.

Bradford Churches Bonspiel in the April Anglican Newspaper – If you receive the Anglican newspaper you will find great photos and a short description of our event highlighted on page 10. There is a great group shot of everyone and the picture of Holy Martyrs receiving the trophy. N.B. You can also find the Anglican Newspaper on the diocesan website and download current and archived editions.

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