Church News

It is with sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Lynn Woods’ sister Carole, in England, on Monday, September 18. We keep Lynn, her mother, and all their family in our hearts at this time. Other than Lynn, they all live in England.

Our grass cutting team has kept the church lawns looking pristine and so well-cared for this summer. Thanks to Johnathan, Barrie, Del, Stewart and Paul for a job so well done. We thank Fred & Sandra Longthorne for heading up the garden and lawn care team again this year.

Kids in Jr. K and up are welcome at Sunday School. The children start off in church with their parents, and go downstairs following the Children’s Focus, where teacher Elizabeth Annand is ready and waiting for them! Christian fun and learning every Sunday morning! 10 am

Sunday school craft supplies: we are so thankful to anyone who has donated supplies. At the moment we have a lot of different items. Elizabeth will let people know when we are in need of specific items or are running low on items. Thank you!

T.A.R.T.S. – How many of us know that these letters stand for “Trinity Anglican Refreshment Team”? Well, if you didn’t know before, you know now! For years Linda Clark was our queen of TARTS, but since Linda’s passing in August, this role has fallen to Sandra Longthorne. Sandra has been very involved in this ministry all along, and so we know that it is in very capable hands. Thank-you Sandra!

There is no time to get a report on the Saturday, September 30 Men’s Breakfast in this issue of “News from the Pews”, but stay tuned and we’ll tell you about it in the November issue.

Trinity’s involvement in the annual Lions’ Car Draw raised $1000 for our church! We sincerely thank Sheryl MacPhail and Gretchen Dewhirst, and all the other helpers who were needed to prepare and serve the meal for a few thousand people the day of the draw (September 9). We do this every year, and the job never gets smaller, especially for Sheryl and Gretchen. But along with all the work, we have a good time working together as a team!

Back by popular demand! The McGregor Meat and Seafood Sale will run at Trinity Church from Sunday, October 1 to Sunday, October 15. If you attended our recent Steak BBQ, those delectable juicy steaks were from McGregor’s! They are available in this sale, along with a variety of other fine meats and seafood, at reasonable prices. The Information Package, Customer Order Form & Seller Form were emailed to those on our parish list September 19, but printed information and order forms are also available at church. For further information you may contact churchwarden Lorna Oldreive at or email her at Orders may be turned in at church. Delivery will be in the church parking lot at 6pm on Friday, October 20. New! We just learned that McGregor have also added Pork Roast to their list!

Our Annual Steak BBQ was a sizzling success! Sold Out! Everyone enjoyed a tender, juicy, 10 oz. steak barbecued to perfection, along with baked potatoes and sour cream, amazing corn on the cob, home-made pies, and all the other fixings. My mouth waters as I think of it! This endeavour raised over $2000 for our church! Special thanks to Sheryl MacPhail and all who were part of the team, and to Johnathon, our fantastic BBQ chef! It takes many helpers to put on a meal like this, and we are grateful to every one of them! So….. for next time, remember to get your tickets early before they get sold out again!

Update on the recycling program: Thank-you everyone who dropped off items for pickup when we were participating in a recycling program. Since we are no longer part of this program, we are no longer asking for, or accepting, all of those extra items that people were donating. Please continue to donate good used clothing and other smaller saleable items for our Second Hand Shop.

Cynthia has revamped our church website! Please look at it, and let her know what you think, and if you have ideas or suggestions: The plan is to keep on top of all our news and events. If you have any photos of church events, Cynthia will be happy to have them for the website:

Rev. Dana has left a selection of reading material in the Upper Room for parishioners to borrow if they wish. A sign-up page is there for borrowers. Please do not “keep” the books as they belong to Rev. Dana.

It’s a new season, and we‘re calling for new Servers! Young people and adults are invited to become servers, to take turns assisting Rev. Dana at the Eucharist. An honourable and important ministry, it requires little time commitment since servers take turns according to a schedule. No meetings either! Anyone who is interested in serving God and our church in this way may speak with Art Holden,. A brief training is provided.

On Sunday, September 17, a celebration for Ruth Wood’s 95th birthday was hosted by  her daughter Janet, son Robert and their family downstairs following the service. All parishioners were invited to join them for lunch. Ruth is one of our longest-time members, having come to Trinity after her marriage to Ken in 1946. She was organist and choir director here for 25 years, and still is Chair of the Altar Guild. Special birthday wishes, Ruth!

Bible and Faith Studies Groups – Two adult Christian Education groups started this fall: one evening and one daytime. Both include worship, fellowship and study, alternating between bible study and more general faith discussion. The groups started the week of September 19 and will run for 5 weeks, then take a few week breaks and have another 5 weeks before Christmas. Based on the survey the two most popular topics were prayer and Anglican Identity and worship, so we will start there.
Evening Group: Tuesdays, September 19 to October 17, 7:30 – 9 pm, is a bible study on Prayer. We will explore what the bible has to teach us and say about prayer.
Daytime Group: Thursdays, September 21 to October 19, 2 to 3:30 pm, is on Anglican Identity, our history and how that has shaped what we believe and do. This study involves some videos and multi-media, and discussion— your chance to learn from each other.
While you are encouraged to attend all five weeks of a particular study, they are formatted such that if you miss a week you can still participate. I am looking forward to learning and growing with you in our faith together.
Rev. Dana

Service Projection at Trinity
For those who were in church on Sunday June 25, you experienced projection of the service, media, and hymn lyrics on a TV that stood in the pulpit. We received many positive comments and feedback on the use of the technology that day and inquiries about its continued use.
Together with Dana, we have several years of experience projecting the Anglican service, media and lyrics. It has been received positively by parishioners and highly appreciated by visitors not familiar with the Anglican service and traditions. For those seeking to find a new church or faith community, it can help lower a “barrier” to entry by making the service easier to follow. Hymns aren’t always projected due to copyright laws, but when they are, people’s voices have more opportunity to be heard if they aren’t signing into a hymn book. It also can be helpful in reducing the amount of flipping pages we do in the Anglican services. That being said, it is still just an alternative, and many parishioners faithful to the Anglican traditions will continue to use their prayer books instead of looking to the projected service.
Money has been donated for the equipment needed to do projection at Trinity Bradford, and the wardens have approved an installation project. A TV will be mounted on an articulating arm above the pulpit, or lectern. The arm will allow for the TV to swing back, flat against the wall when not in use, and not look intrusive to the space. A computer will be setup in the north-side window between the sanctuary and the upper room. The hope is to have this up and running by the end of October.
Money is not the only resource that is needed for this project though; people are needed to be part of the ministry. I have written an instruction manual on how to program a BAS service, and will provide training. We would be looking for a team of people, with each person taking a Sunday service once every 4-6 weeks depending on how many people are interested and able to do the work. It becomes a ministry that is equivalent to reading, interceding, or serving— it just requires some technical aptitude and about 20 minutes to prepare the service ahead of time.
If you have questions or are interested in being part of this ministry feel free to talk with me or Rev Dana.
Stewart Bond

October Finance Feature: A balanced budget is important at home, and at church! It’s that time of year again! The churchwardens must begin the task of working out the 2018 Budget. Soon parishioners will provided with a pledge form to complete, indicating our offering pledge for the coming year. A closed box will be available for collecting completed pledge forms. This important information is necessary for the wardens to prepare a practical and workable Budget for the church. Usual expenses will continue, some will go up, and inevitably unexpected ones will pop up. Once the pledge forms are given out, please fill one out and turn it in. This important information helps the wardens to present a logical budget and keep the church financially sound. Thank-you very much for your help with this!

Rev. Dana invites children to begin the church service with their parents. They stay until after the Children’s Focus, and then children in Jr. K or older are invited downstairs for Sunday School with teacher Elizabeth Annand. Children are always welcome in the worship service. Colouring pages and crayons are available in the Upper Room (narthex) for children to take into the pews with their parents. The choir room is available for parents with little ones during Sunday services. Toys, a baby gate, and baby monitor (so that parents may follow the service) are available in the choir room.