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From the Register – Deaths

Jean Walker, long-time parishioner of Trinity Church, died on January 18 at the age of 101 years. For several years in the past she and her late husband Brad were active in Trinity Church. Our sincere condolences to her children Rick, Maureen, and David, and her many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Rest eternal grant to her, O Lord, And let light perpetual shine upon her.

Our worship service is online every Sunday at 10am, at  

You do not need to be a member of Facebook to see this. The Sunday morning service outline can be found on the website under “Virtual Worship”. You can download it from there. This will hopefully allow you to follow along and participate more fully.

Reminder that the church building remains closed through February. Only recording or broadcasting worship, and essential business, which is the financial matters, and cleaning as needed ispermitted in the building at this time. Everyone else is asked to refrain from coming to Trinity. As Rev. Dana and Margaret will not be working from the church, the best way to contact them is by email or phone: Rev. Dana or 289-383-1036; Margaret or 905-775-7289. The church voicemail will be checked, once a day at the most. We are watching closely and when the situation changes we will inform the congregation. 

Rev. Dana’s Drop-in Office visits cannot take place at this time,but we look forward to resuming these visits when we can, and will let parishioners know whenever that may be.  


Worship in February

We will continue to use the Epiphany order of worship for February 7 and 14. The New Lenten Worship will be sent as part of the weekly email the week of Ash Wednesday, to start on February 21, the 1st Sunday of Lent.

At this point the church remains closed for public worship. The expectation is that this will continue through February. So please continue to tune into Facebook Live every Sunday morning at 10 am. As you have seen in January, we are including the responses on the screen so if you don’t have a service sheet, you can follow along there.

As was mentioned in Rev. Dana’s article there will also be Morning Prayer on Facebook every Wednesday morning at 9 am.

Reading for February

February 7: Isaiah 40:21-31; Mark 1:29-39

February 14: 2 Kings 2:1-12; Mark 9:2-9

February 17 (Ash Wednesday): Joel 2:1-2, 12-17; Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21; Psalm 51:1-18

February 21: Genesis 9:8-17; Mark 1:9-15

February 28: Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16; Mark 8:31-38

We received a thank-you message from the Shoebox coordinator to let us know that the Women’s Shelter recipients LOVED their shoebox gifts at Christmas! Thank you to the many members of Trinity Church, who took the time to lovingly prepare these Shoebox gifts. Your caring generosity was truly appreciated.

Annual Vestry Meeting: What Is It and Why Should I Attend?

The Annual Vestry Meeting is the Annual General Meeting of the parish. There are a number of important items of business that make up the meeting. We receive reports from our bishops, Rev. Dana in conjunction with the sermon, and the wardens all speak of what has happened in the year past and look forward to the year to come in terms of priorities. Complicating these reports are the audited financial statements and the budget. The audited financial reports give us a picture of our financial health the previous year and the budget sets the course financially for the year to come. While the wardens and Rev. Dana have spent considerable time working on it, to present a realistic and balanced budget, it is the congregation that makes the commitment to the budget by voting on it. As the majority of the income is from envelopes and fundraising, it is up to all of us to do our part. There are reports from the various ministries and groups within the church that demonstrate the wide variety of ministry that we are involved with. Each year we also elect and appoint the various leaders and representatives for the parish. We are always open to more people joining the Advisory Board, and you are welcome to sit in on a meeting if you would like to get a better idea of what we do. The final piece of business that sets the course for the coming year is the Social Justice and Advocacy Motion. In the past many parishes have presented and accepted this motion which comes from the diocese, but without an action plan. For a few years now, we have been asked to add specific goals for our parish related to the general focus of the motion. Two years ago this motion led to the creation of our Outreach committee and last year, we had a spirited discussion on the climate crisis. We also made some commitments around our own practices like reducing our use of disposable goods, a solar light and planting tree(s) around the parking lot. These last two were tabled because of the pandemic, but are back on the property agenda for this coming year. You will find a copy of this motion in this newsletter with a great introduction by Bill White.

All who are able are encouraged to attend the Vestry meeting. You are eligible to vote as long as you can make the following declaration: (Usually this is at the top of the sign-in sheet.)

“I solemnly declare that I have been a member of the Anglican Church of Canada and of this congregation for at least three (3) months, that I have attended regularly scheduled services of worship with this congregation at least three (3) times in the past year, that I am of the full age of sixteen (16) years and that I have not voted as a member of any other vestry during the previous three (3) months, nor do I intend to vote in any other vestry during the ensuing year”.

Please note that attending services include both in-person and virtual services offered over the last year.

This year the vestry booklet will be emailed about two weeks in advance of the meeting, and we will be contacting those not on email, and making arrangements for them to receive a copy if they wish. Everyone is encouraged to read it, and if there are questions, to come prepared to ask (If you do have questions you think require additional information please contact the wardens ahead of time to give them some opportunity to gather that information.) Attending the meeting is important, because it is the best way to know what is happening and ensure the health and vitality of the parish for years to come. 

Notice about Vestry Meeting: Sunday February 28, 1 pm on Zoom

This year’s vestry meeting will be a little different, ok very different from previous vestry meetings. This year due to COVID-19 we will be meeting via Zoom instead of in person. In all likelihood we will still be in virtual-only worship at that time based on current predictions, so the leadership and technology team will need time to transition from Live Stream to the Zoom meeting, which is why we are holding the meeting at 1 pm. So after worship, have a refreshment, make some lunch, get dressed if you need to as people are encouraged to have their video on for the meeting (no judgment on what you wear for worship these days) and be ready to login starting at 12:45 pm, so we can get everyone connected and ready to start at 1 pm.

Zoom allows everyone to participate, as you can connect on your computer, tablet, or Smartphone. You can also use an old fashioned telephone to join by calling one of the numbers listed (please note they are not toll-free). All of the information about connecting to our Zoom meeting is listed at the end of this newsletter and will be included with the Vestry Booklet and reminder that will be sent out the week before. It may feel a little intimidating if you have not used Zoom, but if you have any questions beforehand we are happy to help you to figure it out. Rev. Dana is even willing to do some practice zoom meetings so you can test connecting if this is new to you. Just ask.

Unlike some of our other meetings, you will be muted when you join and we ask that you remain muted unless you are speaking. Rev. Dana and the wardens will be the speakers for the majority of the meeting, but there will be opportunities for questions and discussion especially when it comes to the annual Social Justice and Advocacy Motion, when you are encouraged to participate in the discussion. We will have detailed instructions at the beginning about how to signal that you have questions or would like to make a comment and we will have someone monitoring for those signals. We will also provide some general instructions about un-muting and how to switch to speaker view so that the speaker is the primary one on your screen, which could be helpful if we have 20+ households represented. Since we cannot send around an attendance sheet we will be recording the meeting so we can make sure we not only have an accurate list of attendees,  but it will be useful in case we need to go back and clarify anything that was said, as this can be a challenging forum the first time we do it.

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