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FaithWorks Matching Challenge

FaithWorks has sometimes been compared to the United Way in the Diocese of Toronto, because it provides funding supports for 15 ministries/agencies engaged in outreach on our behalf. There are 4 areas or foci of ministry these agencies fall under: caring for homeless and ex-prisoners, including the David Busby Center in Barrie; newcomers and refugees; at risk women, children and youth; Indigenous Peoples and people who are HIV/AID impacted. The money to support these ministries primarily comes from parishioners in parishes across the diocese. Donations can be designated to a specific ministry or go into the common pool for funding. As well, parishes can keep 15% for local outreach, which at this time Trinity designates to the Community Meal.

There was some exciting news last week for FaithWorks. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, there is the opportunity for donations to be matched. Up to $75,000 is available to be matched dollar for dollar from all new or increased gifts generated though parish appeals. That means that $75,000 has the potential to become $150,000!

If you are considering making a donation, you might want to designate it for the David Busby Centre in Barrie as an agency that serves the people of Simcoe County, although any of the ministries supported by FaithWorks are worthy recipients. If you do wish to make a donation, there are three options for donating: as part of your offering to Trinity, marked “FaithWorks” OR sent directly to the Diocese, c/o 135 Adelaide Street East, Toronto ON, M5C 1L8 OR on-line at the secure website where you can also learn more about FaithWorks and the ministries it supports.