Church News

Our annual Vestry meeting regarding the year 2017 was held Sunday, February 25 following the church service. We are pleased to introduce Patti Kergon and Cynthia Riley, our new deputy churchwardens; and Frank Ferreira, our new treasurer. It is also a pleasure to welcome Roger Sorensen and Stella Wadsworth as members of the Advisory Board. These folks are not new to the parish, but new to these positions. We are grateful to retiring churchwardens Sheryl MacPhail and Lorna Oldreive, and retiring treasurer Ann Spalding for their years of dedicated service. And we truly appreciate all those who are continuing in their various roles as church officers.

A special thank-you to Lorna Oldreive, Sandra and Fred Longthorne, and Gretchen Dewhirst for preparing the delicious lunch that followed last week’s annual Vestry Meeting! What a great meal, and wonderful fellowship!

Our new dishwasher will soon be installed, possibly by the time this newsletter goes out!

If you do not currently receive the monthly Anglican Journal newspaper, please speak with Margaret, the secretary, to be added to their mailing list. This paper is free of charge to all families in Anglican parishes, and arrives at your home monthly in the mail.

Rev. Dana and Stewart spend 15 minutes in prayer, in the church, from 9 to 9:15 am Sunday mornings.   Parishioners are welcome to come and pray before the service as well.

A new look! Please drop in at our 2nd Hand Shop and see! We are very grateful for the generous donation of several very nice sets of shelving from a hobby shop that was closing. These shelves replace several tables, opening up our space and allowing us to display items nicely. Sincere thanks and appreciation to John Downey, of Hockley Valley Railroad train shop and gallery, in Alliston for this donation. Thanks to a few parishioners for arranging to get the shelves, providing a truck, and setting the shelves up in our shop.

Trinity Church Borrowing Policy – If you would like to borrow any item from the church, you are requested to contact the secretary, Margaret, to ensure that the item will not be needed by the church at that time, and so that we can avoid searching high and low for an item when it is not here. Your consideration and help in this regard shall be much appreciated.

Rev. Dana’s day off is Monday of each week. She may be reached at the church office, 905 775 2200. In case of crisis or death, you may call her at 289-383-1036.

Please check the notice board on the wall just inside the south oak doors for dates of our upcoming events!

You can follow Trinity Church on Facebook!

When a parishioner is hospitalized, it would be helpful if the patient, a family member, or close friend would let us know. A visit or call, according to the patient’s wishes, will be arranged.

Pre-arranging a funeral or a celebration of life service can be helpful to a family at a stressful time. If you wish to leave your final wishes and instructions in a file in the church office, please speak with the priest.

“Welcome Folders” are available in the Upper Room (narthex) on the table near the top of the stairs for newcomers or anyone interested in information about Trinity Church, or the Anglican church in general.