We Need Your Skills, Gifts, and Help!

We need volunteers to help so that we can continue with our important ministries, keep our properties in good shape and keep our financial situation stable! Especially at this time the following is needed:

Second Hand Shop

A valuable fundraiser for Trinity and a wonderful outreach to the community, we cannot keep going without more helpers. Each Saturday morning 2 persons are required to open and run the shop. A  small core of volunteers do as much as they can, but more volunteers are needed to help lighten the load, either regularly or occasionally.  In April the shop had to close on two Saturdays when staffing requirements could not be met. Anyone interested in this volunteer opportunity is asked to speak with Sheryl MacPhail as soon as possible.  Note: We volunteers have fun working together in the shop, chatting with those who come in, and seeing folks happy that they found something they need or love, at a real bargain price!


The origins of altar guild work go back to the earliest days of the church. When the first Christians gathered together to break bread at each other’s houses, it was the responsibility of the host family to make the arrangements for the meal.

We are responsible for setting up the Eucharist and cleaning up at the end of the service. We launder the linens, clean the silver and brass, display the hymns on the board, change the hangings to reflect the season, replenish the stocks of candles, wine and wafers, and purchase altar flowers when requested.

The weekly time commitment is 30 to 45 minutes for setting up, depending if the brass or silver need cleaning. The set up for Sunday service can be done on the previous Friday or Saturday. We are very flexible. Contact Sandra Longthorne

Soup Sale

Once a month from November to March.

If you have a favorite soup that you would love to share with others, there will be a sign-up sheet at the church or you can email Elizabeth.

If you don’t know how to make soup, but would like to help in some way, Elizabeth will make a soup if you buy the ingredients!  Our Soup Fundraiser did really well last year, and we would like to have it throughout the winter this year.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Any questions, please reach out to Elizabeth

Refreshments after the service

We will have refreshments after worship, but only as people sign up as hosts. We would be so grateful if you would offer your time and hospitality by sharing in this ministry once in a while. There is a sign-up sheet in the Upper Room. Hosts are asked to bring and serve the refreshments, and clean up as required. There is a small refrigerator on the table in the Upper Room to keep beverages cold, as well as reusable cups and napkins. If you want to leave anything for following week, please let the next host know. This is something that could also be done in partners, some bring the refreshments and someone serve. 

TARTS (Trinity Anglican Refreshments Team) needs co-ordinator(s) and helpers for our various food functions – funerals, occasional lunches both after church and other receptions. 

Worship – We need sides people, readers, worship technology people (see below for more details), and servers.


As many of you know, and have participated in, Trinity live streams services on Facebook every week. Stewart is the only person at the church who can stream the services, so if he is not feeling well, or is not available on a Sunday, the services will not be streamed. If Trinity is to continue streaming on a consistent basis, we need others to learn how to do it.

The streaming role includes running the projection in the church as both software programs run on the same computer to enable the words on the TV screen to show up in the live stream.

Technical computer skills are required. Stewart has been able to simplify the use of the streaming software in combination with the projection software, but there is some switching back and forth and there are a few things to be cognisant of in the process. More importantly is how to troubleshoot and correct if (when) things go wrong. Stewart will provide training.

Streaming setup and testing happens by 9:30 am every Sunday morning, giving us time to adjust if problems arise before the stream goes live at 9:55 am.

If you have interest in this ministry opportunity, please let Rev. Dana or Stewart know.

Social Media Marketing

Are you a social media guru?  Do you have an interest in helping Trinity build our online presence?  We need to find people who understand how social media works and how to leverage the different platforms.  Currently we utilize Facebook and our website.  What more could we do to advertise our events and programs at Trinity?  Please join us as we discover new ways to market our church. Contact Cynthia Riley.

If you have any skills or experience that could be of help, e.g. baking, sandwich making, odd jobs, minor repairs, general upkeep,  etc. please contact Gretchen Dewhirst to put your name on the list of people we may call upon, with a contact email and/or best phone number.