Study Group has resumed in person and on Zoom. Each week begins with evening prayer at 7:30 pm, followed by some social times and the study for the evening.

Our first study will be a 4-evening series running through October 18 (there will be no group on October 4) addressing a common question: “How does this fit with the larger biblical story?” Starting with a large sweep of the biblical story, followed by the different genres, or literary styles and how they influence the historical and cultural context. 

An alternative or in addition to our study group, Bible Remix is offering another interesting online course this fall with Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat, “Love Goes All the Way Down: Discovering the Old Testament God.” Dr. Keesmaat describes the course, “Do you wonder how the God of the Hebrew Bible fits in with Jesus’ message of grace and forgiveness? What if these tensions are rooted in a tragic misreading of the story of the Creator God? In this course we will explore how love, commitment, and compassion are found in the very heart of God throughout the Biblical story, and throughout the history of creation.” There is no homework, but suggested readings will be offered after the class. Sundays September 25 – October 30th, 7-9 pm on Zoom (with 5 min. midway break). There is a sliding scale fee, based on ability to pay. For more information and to register, “Love Goes All the Way Down”