We want to begin by thanking everyone one who completed the survey and/or attended the meeting on Sunday June 12, as we looked at the priorities and plans for the next couple of years. The top priorities identified were:

  1. Homelessness and Shelters and Food Insecurity
  2. Followed by a three-way tie between:
    • Children
    • Mental Health
    • Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation

There was also support for continuing with most of the current projects and campaigns of the last few years, which all fits well with the first priority particularly. At the meeting there was a good discussion about other ideas as well. We are now in an investigation process, talking to various organizations and agencies about how we might come alongside what they are already doing and support them. It was clear at the end of meeting that there is energy and enthusiasm for reaching out into our community to serve and assist, especially those who are vulnerable.

Over the summer, we will continue to gather information and host an outreach meeting in the early fall to look at further plans based on the identified priorities. Everyone and anyone is welcome to be part that meeting, watch for the announcement in late summer.

For this summer, based on the discussion at the meeting and some follow-up inquiries, we have decided again to support the Helping Hands Foodbank, but in two very specific areas of need:

  1. First, we will be collecting cereal bars, to provide snacks for families with school-age children. Two years ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, the food bank received special funding to provide children snack packs. While there is no extra funding for a similar program this year, the food bank does want to try to give families some extra cereal bars. There are approximately 360 families using the food bank a regular basis. So, we are issuing a challenge to Trinity:

When you go shopping add one box of cereal bars to your shopping and bring it to Trinity, and drop in the bin “cereal bars”

  1. Second, we know that personal items like toothpaste and deodorant are items that we all need, but the food bank does not have budget for those so relies on donations of these products. Similarly, period products are only handed out if they have been donated. Upon inquiry we learned that approximately 300 women would avail themselves of them if available. If we think about our own daily lives, can you imagine going without these personal items. So, we are also collecting personal items – toothpaste, deodorant, soap and body wash, and period products (pads and tampons).

Over this summer we encourage you drop off your donations of cereal bars and personal items, as we seek to fill the gaps and help those in our community. These are important items that only get given out when they are available; let’s help make them available. Thank-you for your ongoing support as together, we strive for justice and peace among all people and respect for every human being (one of our baptismal promises).

Your Outreach Committee