June 5 – Pentecost Sunday – Communion – Everyone is invited to wear red

June 12 – Trinity Sunday – Communion 

June 19 – 2nd Sunday after Pentecost and National Indigenous Day of Prayer – Communion

June 26 – 3rd Sunday after Pentecost and Celebration Sunday – Communion 

Services will continue to be streamed on Facebook Live. We are thankful for the volunteers whom Stewart has been training to run the projection and broadcast to assist him, so it can continue when he is not available. More people to serve in this ministry would still be appreciated.

Wednesday Morning Prayer from the rectory on Facebook at 9 am. Any changes or cancellations will be announced on Facebook.  

COVID precautions 

While masks are no longer required they are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED and RECOMMENDED for all inside church activities. We will continue to have a social distance corner and would ask if you are seated here to wear a mask, as those in this area are there for added precaution. 

Communion will be offered in both kinds again, and those who are comfortable receiving from the common cup may do so, but as always no one has to take it. To facilitate the administration of the chalice, we will return to using the altar rail for communion, but we are asking you to space out along it, allowing space between people as you will need to remove your mask to receive the wine. This will be a time of experimentation with what works best.

We are going to continue to suspend coffee afterwards, as most people have expressed, they are not yet ready, and there are few people willing to serve in this ministry at this time. We may try cold drinks outside when the weather is consistently warmer, and weather permitting. 

Let’s continue to take care of each other and keep each other safe!