The study group is taking a hiatus this summer. It has been great year of conversation and learning, as we transitioned to a hybrid model, with about half of the group in person and half online. The recent deep dive into scripture has included many great conversations and insights. Each week exploring the gospel with three questions: 1) What is the good news, for those involved, and for us? 2) What is hard to hear or challenging? 3) Where is the invitation to change? How does the gospel speak to our lives now if we take it seriously. 

For the summer I am combining Christian education and a focus on Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation as an identified focus for outreach and advocacy, by inviting others to join me in reading “Five Little Indians” by Michelle Good, a book that has received numerous literary awards. In late August or early September, there will be an opportunity to gather and discuss the book, our thoughts and learnings. If you are interested in being part of that discussion, please let me know so we can arrange a time that works for everyone. 

Rev. Dana