Fund Raising

Once Again!!  Parishioners, families and friends!  The Macgregor (North Country)Meat fundraiser is happening!

MacGregor Meat & Seafood will be happening this fall in October/November. The portion packages provided by this fundraiser can be a help as we continue to eat more at home during the pandemic and as fall and winter approach.

Keep emptying those freezers so that the restocking can occur! The products are similar to the spring line but there are some new additions such as Rainbow Trout and Top Sirloin roasts! (They are still unable to offer the turkey roasts)

The catalogue and order forms will be sent out October 10, orders will be due by Sunday October 31 and pickup will be on Thursday, November 4 at 5:00 pm in the church parking lot (if this location changes you will get notification).

As Covid continues to limit our fundraising, we recognize how helpful the meat fundraiser has been and with your help once more, we hope to be successful again this fall. As before, please let all your friends and family know that this will be happening. This fundraising helps Trinity support our important ministries!

If there are people who do not wish to purchase meat but who would consider supporting this fundraising initiative, we would like them to know that donations may be made to the church on behalf of this fundraiser and a receipt for the full donation will be issued.

 If you have questions please contact Gretchen Dewhirst.

Church Sale, Saturday November 20

One of the great things to happen during COVID is that many of us tapped into our creative side, whether that be in the kitchen or handicrafts like knitting, crocheting or sewing. It has been amazing to read the various posts on Facebook and hear the conversations about our various endeavours. We also know that Trinity has had to get creative, to think outside the box when it comes to fundraising as we cannot do the dinners as we did the past years.So, combining our need for new fundraising ideas with the creative energy of the parish we are going to host a Church Sale on November 20, 9 am to 1 pm in the lower hall, with COVID restrictions in place (limited capacity at any given time, masks, hand sanitizer, etc.). Knowing the hours of work that went into organizing bazaars in the past, we want to try to keep it a little simpler – with some tables around the outside of the room, of our creations for sale. We are still in the early stages of planning, but we are thinking the basics – Baking, Preserves and Hand Crafts (smaller items like 3-layer masks, mittens, dish cloths, placemats, table runners). As well, our much anticipated cookbook will be available for sale. This will be a great time to do some holiday shopping and support Trinity in the process.  

We need your help though, we need your baking, your preserves and your hand crafts to sell. We also need some volunteers to start with to assist Rev. Dana, who offered to help organize, in planning and soliciting donations. If you can help with this please contact Rev. Dana. We will also need people to help setup tables and to help on the day of the sale. As we refine the plan we will be asking for volunteers for specific jobs, and we will have more details about how to dropoff your donations. For now start thinking about what you might be able to make or what you might buy to assist in our Church Sale. 

Christmas Baking Class with Rev. Dana, Saturday, December 11.  

Following up on last spring’s wonderful Greek cooking class, Rev. Dana will be offering a Cookie and Christmas Baking Cooking Class. More details to come, but save the date.

A successful Bottle Drive on September 11 raised $460! Thank- you to everyone who contributed bottles and cans, and to Marcia Gaudet for organizing, and to the team that helped at the event. If you have the space, please continue to save liquor, wine and beer bottles, and beer cans for another bottle drive in the new year.

As COVID-19 restrictions are gradually eased, I would like to visit with anyone who would like to, and is comfortable with an in-person visit, either inside or outside.  I have never felt comfortable just dropping in on people, and now as I don’t know who wants a visit or who feels comfortable with a visit, I want to encourage those who would like a visit to contact me directly so we can arrange a mutually convenient time. I look forward hearing from you. Rev. Dana 

Trinity’s Facebook page has been attracting hundreds of followers, some from afar, and some viewers have sent in donations. As mentioned before, you do not have to be a Facebook member to see our site. Anyone may look at it to see the worship services, hymn sing videos, church news and events, etc.

A red maple tree was planted recently at the far end of our parking lot, in memory of Ruth Wood, a very long- timeparishioner at Trinity Church.Ruth passed away April 6, 2020 at the age of 97. She had been Trinity’s organist and choir director for more than 25 years, chaired the Altar Guild for a good many years, and was involved in countless other ministries, besides being a friend to many of us. Family and friends gathered outdoors near the tree for the dedication service on Sunday, September 12.

Ruth Wood Memorial Tree
Photo submitted by Barrie Schroeder

We have started the “Drop Your Drawers and More” for Inn from the Cold. We have been doing the Drop Your Drawers for a few years now and this year we added a few items from their “most needed items” list. We are collecting from now until October 31 when we hope to present them to a representative of the Inn from the Cold in person when they come to speak as part of our FaithWorks Sunday. 

  • Underwear (Men’s and Ladies S, M, L)
  • Long Underwear (Men’s and Ladies)
  • Socks; Shoelaces
  • Cell Phone Charger – many of us have extras that have come with previous phone, this what we are looking for, any type 
  • Feminine Hygiene Products

Shoeboxes for Shelter will be our focus next month. Look for more details in our next News from the Pews. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Anti-racism speaker and conversation last Sunday. We hope it was informative. This is an ongoing conversation, as noted in Rev. Dana’s article. Please join us for another conversation on Sunday October 24 as we share our reflections on the questions that Jacqui asked (which you can find in Rev. Dana’s article) and as we consider where we want to go from here. 

October Finance Feature

As of August 31, 2021

Year to date Offering:$70,158.04                               Budget: $73,133

Total Revenue: $82,891.47                                         Budget: $90,200

Total Expenses: $83,030.10                                        Budget: $90,174

Net Income: ($138.63)                                                Budget: $26

Government grants have assisted with Income, but these will not continue much longer.

Expenses have been less during the Covid shutdown.

Fund Raising opportunities have been very limited during Covid.

As you can see, we are doing well.

Thank-you for keeping up with offerings and finding new ways to fund raise when we are unable to gather together as we have in the past.

Bishop’s Company Cabaret coming up
Free registration is open for the Bishop’s Company Cabaret on Oct. 15 from 8-9:30 p.m. The evening will feature a new lineup of artists, with Bishop Riscylla Shaw and Bishop Kevin Robertson as guest speakers. A voluntary donation will be requested during the evening to support emergency care for clergy in need and bursaries for religious education. Follow the Bishop’s Company on Facebook for updates and to meet some of the artists. Last year, more than 450 households participated in the cabaret, representing the full breadth of the Diocese and beyond. Share this event with your congregations, family and friends to help spread the word.

Register now for Outreach and Advocacy Conference

The annual Outreach and Advocacy Conference will take place by Zoom on Oct. 30 from 9 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., with the theme “Re-membering and Re-making Community.” The opening plenary will include a welcome and prayer from Bishop Andrew Asbil and a keynote address from the Rev. Gerlyn Henry. A full line-up of workshops in two sessions (mid-morning and early afternoon) will explore a range of social justice topics and how parishes and individual Anglicans can make a difference. Each session has a unique registration link. Clergy, laypeople, youth, seasoned volunteers or those just starting to explore outreach and social justice are all welcome. Learn more and register on the conference web page.


Yoga continues on Zoom, Saturdays at 10 am.  $10 per class.  Anyone interested may contact Art Holden, for Yogi George.

Reminder! If at some time you realize that you are no longer receiving the monthly “News from the Pews”, or Rev. Dana’s weekly greetings, remember to check your junk folder. They just might be in there! From time to time, any email could end up in the junk folder for no apparent reason.