On Sunday September 26 Jacqui Getfield of Black Anglicans of Canada will speak with us about how we go about confronting racism in our communities. It will be recorded and shown during the service and at 1 pm, Jacqui will join interested persons via Zoom in the afternoon for a deeper engagement with the subject and concepts. This will be in our parish Zoom room. Contact us for access.

Jacqui Getfield is an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion specialist. Currently, she is a PhD candidate whose research interests include equity, educational policy, family engagement, motherhood, and disability. She has taught at Seneca College and Centennial College and lectured at Ryerson University. For over 20 years, Jacqui worked as a public relations practitioner, grant-writer, website content writer and editor in several organizations and industries. Jacqui gives back to her community in many ways, including being a current board member of Ontario Alliance of Black Student Educators.

You can learn more about Black Anglicans of Canada here.

The parish of Trinity Church acknowledges that Anti-Black racism exists in our society and in our Church, and that it and all forms of racism against Black, Indigenous and other racialized people are a sin against God and against our neighbour. We commit ourselves to the recognition, dismantling, and elimination of Anti-Black and other forms of racism in our secular institutions, in our Church, and in ourselves, and to work for the full inclusion, participation and belongingness of Black, Indigenous and other racialized people in all sectors of our common life.