As we approach fall it is time to begin to think about the various programs at Trinity. One of our staple groups is the Tuesday Study Group, which has continued to meet through most of the pandemic on Zoom for fellowship, worship and study. This fall we are going to try a hybrid model for study group, with some people in-person following all the precautions and protocols for safe gathering, and some people will remain on Zoom. As with any new adaptation, it will take some adjustments and tweaking I am sure. For me it is exciting to think what might be possible thanks to our new high speed internet and all that we learned over the last 18 months. 

Our group will resume on Tuesday September 21. Each week will begin at 7:30 pm with Evening Prayer and fellowship time, with the study portion of the evening beginning about 8 pm (we welcome those for whom 8 pm online is more feasible). We will be starting this year with a bible study, a focus on reading and discussing scripture, with some teaching but mostly conversation about the scripture and what it has to say to our lives today. We are starting with a bible study on the Book of Jeremiah, a prophet at a time of uncertainty for God’s people. If you are interested in learning more about our group or would like to join us please contact me.

Rev. Dana